Got a moose, got a moose, will you do the fandango?

moose-and-squirrel-wpJulie Evans, one of my colleagues at Wake Tech, advises her students to know their value. “Don’t undersell yourself or your services,” she often says with conviction. This is sound advice, especially in the age of logo mills, and a world where Photoshop is a verb.

This summer, as I embarked on a back-to-industry journey, I was lucky enough to see this principle in action. The Chartreuse Moose has been letting me tag along, look over their shoulder (which is hard, because the antlers tend to block my view) and soak in the day-to-day at their creative agency. Their design solutions are sound and well executed and a large part of that is the value they place on their well-honed skills and the relationships they form. Their success is doubled with the success of their clients.

Sometimes part of their work day is spent on education, explaining concepts, as well as approaches and processes. And clients listen because they understand that this is a shared investment. One client, who is in the process of launching a café and confectionary shop, was sent a style guide for approval. After she finished her review, she responded with “I LOVE IT! It is perfect the way it is.” For those of you who have been in the business for awhile, how often does that happen in the design world? That’s pretty sweet to be privy to such moments.

*Apologies to Queen fans. I know it’s “Scaramouch”, but admittedly I had to look it up.

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